Why he’s the investor technical and product focused founders need in their corner.

By: The First Round Partnership

As you might have read in the digital pages of Forbes this morning, the First Round partnership is thrilled to announce that Meka Asonye will be joining our team as a Partner.

Since 2016, Meka has been an active angel investor, which is how our paths first intersected. Building on the startup investing and advising he’d done over the years, Meka joined the Spring 2019 cohort of Angel Track. …

By: Chris Fralic

With their direct listing on the NYSE, today Roblox becomes $RBLX. It’s a day that’s both well-earned and a long-time coming. After more than 13 years of knowing and partnering with David Baszucki and the entire Roblox team, I’ve seen the incredible amount of work they’ve put into building this company firsthand.

Roblox CEO in front of NYSE
A photo I snapped of Roblox founder and CEO David Baszucki this morning

To mark the occasion, I thought I’d expand on the handful of memories and reflections I shared about Roblox’s journey (and First Round’s front-row seats) over on Twitter this morning.

Investors, take a second look. Founders, keep iterating.

This has become one of my favorite stories to tell. Many investors will tell you…

By: Brett Berson

Back in May, we were kicking off the most recent cohort of Angel Track with some butterflies. We’ve constantly iterated and tinkered with the format ever since our original launch, but this round brought on some of the biggest changes yet.

For starters, there was a necessary switch from in-person gatherings to entirely remote sessions, changing our traditional focus on SF & NYC to an expansion nationwide. Second, even though 2018 wasn’t all that long ago, lots has changed in the ecosystem since we first got started.

That’s why we decided to completely redesign the curriculum and…

For plenty of folks, the last year felt like treading water. Personal development or making strides in your career goals might have taken a backseat while you focused on staying safe and healthy, as well as caring for those near and dear. Now, as we begin to enter a new chapter, we can once again hold greater space for our aspirations and long-term goals. So what better time for a new Fast Track mentorship cohort?

Each time we open up a new crop of Fast Track slots, it’s an opportunity that we cherish to pause and reflect. We’ve tinkered with…

Full-time, based in San Francisco

First Round is a venture capital firm laser-focused on helping seed stage companies win. We love meeting incredible entrepreneurs and rolling up our sleeves to help founders build their companies from day one. We have offices in San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia.

We’re looking to add a Chief of Staff to our team who will work directly with Partner Meka Asonye as his trusted right-hand. At First Round, individuals in this role supercharge our investment team by creating and managing processes that deliver world-class services and experiences to entrepreneurs. This role will engage across all functions of the partnership…

By: Hayley Barna

More than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic first started, healthcare sits at the very top of the list of transformed industries. The field is reorienting after a telehealth surge, embracing new digital relationships between providers and patients, and recognizing the gaps in technology infrastructure needed for this new paradigm. There are a record number of early-stage founders focused on healthcare, excited to tackle the challenges and opportunities in reimagining the patient and provider experience.

At First Round, we see a bright and hopeful healthcare future through the lens of over 30 healthcare companies in our community

By: Brett Berson

In recent years, as more and more startup leaders and founders got into the check-writing game, we spotted a few gaps. Angel investing is something of a mysterious art. It can be intimidating, and seemingly tough to break into. What’s more, is that it can be a lonely endeavor — one where you don’t have any partners to look at opportunities with or mentors to run your thinking by.

When we launched the first-ever Angel Track over three years ago, we had a lofty goal to fuse together the magic of community, knowledge sharing and opportunity to…

First Round’s Fast Track admittedly started as a bit of a fuzzy experiment. Back in 2016, we felt there was space to build a mentorship experience that could unlock insights, deepen relationships and advance careers — but only if it was structured well and avoided the issues that often plague mentorship relationships. We started small, pairing an intimate group of 20 early-stage founders with some of the most talented operators we knew, with a mission to bring more rigor to the mentorship process — from the frequency of meeting, to the content, to measuring effectiveness.

Fast forward to late November…

Here at First Round, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to demystify the company-building process and share knowledge more widely — whether through interviews on the Review, new products like Discovery Assist that are custom-tailored to support founders, or curated learning programs like our recent inaugural Founding Designer Track and fan-favorite Angel Track.

The thread that ties each of these together is our fundamental belief that you learn the most from a mix of peers who are currently walking a similar path, and leaders who are a couple steps ahead and can help you find your footing. …

A couple weeks ago we wrapped up our first-ever Founding Designer Track — a new community for those considering joining a startup as its first design hire. We are incredibly thankful to the coaches who lent their time and joined us as speakers, sharing valuable insights across a series of sessions, from choosing the right startup to join and establishing design as a critical function of the business and growing your team. To get an in-depth look at many of the key takeaways from this first-of-its-kind program, check out our new article on the Review.

As for the folks who…

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