We’re looking to fill two new roles on First Round’s Investment Team

  • Investor (Technical): Based in SF, this role will focus on surfacing the next generation of startups in the data, developer tools and machine-learning space.
  • Investor (Healthcare): Based in NYC, this role will focus on the healthcare space, including innovative care models, digital health infrastructure and novel platforms for drug development and discovery.


  • Helping us to source, evaluate, and win investments in technical companies focused on data, developer tools, and machine learning.
  • Working closely with the rest of the First Round team to educate us on and round out our understanding of cutting-edge trends in these areas.
  • Partnering with the founders of our community companies to help drive strategic initiatives through working sessions and board meetings.
  • You are passionate about technology and startups broadly, and engineering, data science, and machine learning specifically.
  • You are product-oriented. You don’t need to be a PM, but you can solve problems with a product lens and help us nail the different ‘jobs-to-be-done’ for early-stage founders.
  • You have startup experience. You’ve worked at fast-growing startups helping to build and scale impactful products.


  • Working closely with two of our investment partners to help discover, evaluate, and win investments in the tech-enabled healthcare space.
  • Building out investment theses in healthcare. Working closely with the rest of the First Round team you’ll be pushing our thinking on cutting-edge trends in healthcare.
  • Partnering with the healthcare founders in our community to help drive strategic initiatives through working sessions and board meetings.
  • Engaging healthcare operators, experts and practitioners already within the First Round ecosystem while also extending our network with your community-building efforts.
  • You are grounded in best practices of medicine and the ins and outs of the US healthcare system. Perhaps you studied medicine or worked within a healthcare organization at scale.
  • You are versed in the incentives and motivations of different players at a systems level (providers, payors, pharma, government).
  • You are drawn to new ideas in healthcare. You’re a creative thinker who likes to imagine the possibilities of how healthcare can improve and what products, software and services can enable that.
  • You’ve been exposed to healthcare startups and disruptive ideas through your full-time job experience or academic work.
  • You are comfortable working independently while also integrating your work into a team approach.
  • You are enthusiastic to support founders in achieving their vision, helping connect them with resources and introductions to accelerate their impact.


  • We serve entrepreneurs. We owe them our unvarnished opinion and unwavering support.
  • We honor quality. The little things matter. High standards and attention to the craft are valued here.
  • We favor action and think long-term. We decide and execute with urgency today. We define success with the long-term in mind.
  • We cherish diversity and inclusion. The strongest communities around the world are diverse and inclusive. We work hard to make sure ours is, too.
  • We do things our own way. We choose to be original and find unique, creative solutions to our biggest problems.
  • We have fun. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.




The first round for remarkable founders.

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First Round

First Round

The first round for remarkable founders.

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