We’re Looking for a Chief of Staff

First Round is a venture capital firm that’s laser-focused on helping seed stage companies win. Across our offices in New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia, we roll up our sleeves every day to help incredible founders build their companies from day one.

We’re looking to add a Chief of Staff to our team who will work directly with our New York City based Partner, Hayley Barna, as her trusted right hand. At First Round, individuals in this role supercharge our investment team by creating and managing processes that deliver world-class services and experiences to entrepreneurs. This role will engage across all functions of First Round, including reviewing new investment opportunities, special projects, partner branding/marketing, portfolio engagement, and management of administrative staff. This role is a balance between strategy and sharp execution.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing and tracking new investment opportunities
  • Managing and tracking relationships and communication within First Round portfolio companies, community and partner networks
  • Conducting research and investment diligence
  • Initiating and leading special projects (building internal products and programs, research deep dives, etc.)
  • Managing and processing email communication
  • Managing partner projects, brand/marketing initiatives and events
  • Overseeing scheduling and contact management performed by executive assistant

This position is not:

  • A partner-track role. Instead, it is an ideal opportunity to get involved with building incredible companies and to learn from the best of the best.
  • Expected to source companies or to be directly entrepreneur-facing. Rather, you will work with Hayley to help review, analyze and prioritize existing deal flow and support our portfolio.

Interested? Here’s what we’re looking for:

This is a unique opportunity in which individuals from many backgrounds could excel. Here are just a few examples of profiles we think could be great:

  • A project manager or operations guru with startup experience who thrives keeping the trains running on time with little oversight.
  • An aspiring entrepreneur who wants a rare window into the VC and fundraising side of the business.
  • A business generalist with a passion for technology and a penchant for learning new things fast.

We believe the strength of our team comes from diverse backgrounds and experiences. You might be a good fit if the following describes you:

  • You’re fascinated by technology and how today’s entrepreneurs are shaping the future. You don’t necessarily need deep knowledge of the venture capital industry, but you should be excited about the field and eager to learn the business quickly. Most importantly, you are a fast learner and laser focused on execution with the drive to get things done. You’re deeply organized, detail oriented and reliable above all else.
  • You’re curious and intuitive — a creative and unconventional thinker, yet also highly analytical and logical.You’re a fantastic (and prolific) writer and pride yourself on thoughtful, eloquent communication. You know the right questions to ask, as well as when to listen and learn. You have the polish and presence to regularly interact with seasoned CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs.

We hope to meet with candidates with at least 2–3 years of working experience.

Here’s what the First Round team is all about:

At First Round, we value resourcefulness, diversity, excellence and hustle. To give you a sense of what our team is all about, check out our values that guide our work:

  • We serve entrepreneurs.We owe them our unvarnished opinion and unwavering support.
  • We honor quality.The little things matter. High standards and attention to the craft are valued here.
  • We favor action and think long-term.We decide and execute with urgency today. We define success with the long-term in mind.
  • We cherish diversity and inclusion.The strongest communities around the world are diverse and inclusive. We work hard to make sure ours is, too.
  • We do things our own way.We choose to be original and find unique, creative solutions to our biggest problems.
  • We have fun.We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

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The first round for remarkable founders.

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The first round for remarkable founders.

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