Opening Up Our Partner Hiring Process

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Interested? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Founder appeal: Our founders are our customers, so this comes first. Amazing early-stage founders will seek you out for advice and guidance. Once we’ve invested, you’ll be their first call and the coach in their corner whenever they’re working through a thorny challenge.
  • Investor mindset, or the potential to hone one quickly: You are endlessly curious, see the world in systems and can get up to speed on complex topics, fast. You love to dig deep on obscure ideas, and you know when to ask more questions — and when to listen and learn.
  • Early-stage is your jam: Our mission is relentlessly focused on backing and helping founders as they go from idea to product/market fit. Whether you started something yourself, worked at a tech company or have angel invested in startups, you know the challenges an early-stage company faces and can roll-up your sleeves to help.
  • Competitive streak and intense work ethic: To be blunt, this isn’t a retirement program. You’re driven by a hunger to find the best founders and you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen.
  • Unique network, or the ability to develop one: You can tap a unique network that would widen our circles and strengthen our community. You have a track record of bringing people together, making connections quickly and amplifying the exchange of ideas.
  • Culture add: You bring something new and unique that makes us stronger. Non-negotiables are that you pride yourself on kindness and not taking yourself too seriously.
  • Team mindset: While our partners have different interest areas, we’re extremely team-driven in how we work. We evaluate investment opportunities as a group and frequently hand off companies to the partner who has the most experience in the space (or is located in the right geography).

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