Opening Up Our Mentorship Program Across the Startup Ecosystem — Apply to Fast Track

How the program works:

The time commitment for mentors and mentees:

  • From September 6 to November 23rd, mentors and mentees will meet every other week for one hour, a total of six 1:1 sessions.
  • There is a mandatory training session for both mentors and mentees the week of August 29th.
  • There is optional programming for everyone in the Fast Track community — but you’ll get the most out of Fast Track if you make time to attend a few of these extra sessions and events!

Who should apply:

You might be a good fit for a mentee spot if:

Hear directly from some of our former mentees:

  • It’s incredible how great Fast Track is at matching mentors and mentees. Every conversation I had with my mentor was helpful — we were able to dive deep into problems and break them down. By the end of the program, even my manager noticed a real difference in my performance, all thanks to the progress I made with my mentor. Beyond day-to-day challenges, my mentor also helped me unpack my career trajectory, sharing resources like leveling guides as well as mental frameworks for balancing passion, talent, and opportunity. Not only was I able to see what I enjoyed in my current role and what I was looking for still, but I was able to take this back to my company to help us establish levels for the design team. — Bryce Daniel, Design Lead at Snackpass
  • My mentor was one of the most impactful people to Labelbox outside of those that work for/invest in Labelbox. My mentor taught me how to build a team for Customer Success from the ground up and he guided me in building our Support Eng team, which is a shining light and beloved department within Labelbox and by our customers. — Brian Rieger, President & Co-founder at Labelbox
  • In our toughest times, my mentor was always a phone call away to help me get through my challenges. When I had tough conversations with my team, my mentor was there to coach me through it first. — Charley Ho, CTO at Remotion
  • Fast Track is one of the most valuable resources for startup founders and operators. My mentor was a trusted thought partner — he listened intently and was honest with sharing his own experiences, struggles, and stories. Working at a startup can feel lonely, and this mentorship was a huge gift — I could talk about issues that I’d normally keep to myself for fear of being judged. — Wes Kao, Co-Founder at Maven

You might be a good fit for a mentor spot if:

Hear directly from some of our former mentors:

  • I’ve had 3 mentees, and I’ve had amazing relationships with all of them. I’ve met one of them in person, I regularly talk to one person over text, and I get on calls with one of them when she needs advice. We’ve had positive impacts on each other. For me, I’ve enjoyed making new friends who I would have never made if it weren’t for First Round. And I love our conversations about work and life. For my mentees, I’ve helped them with sticky work situations and how to handle them, reviewed their strategy collateral and given feedback, offered advice on next steps in their career, and more. I plan on staying in contact with all 3 of them for years to come. — Peipei Yu, Former Senior Director of Engineering Business Strategy and Operations at Box
  • Each time I mentor, I learn something new about how to approach a problem, how to listen better and ask for more details. They always lead me to think about my own approaches, my career, and why I do what I do! — Mason Jones, Director of Engineering, Infrastructure at Lattice
  • I’ve been lucky enough to be beautifully paired with some extraordinarily smart, driven, passionate, resilient women leaders — all of whom have been dealing with their own flavor of imposter syndrome and overwhelm (which is all too resonant with my own journey). I’ve found that as much as we enter the Fast Track cycle with assigned roles of mentor and mentee, it quickly becomes much more of a symbiotic relationship. We can be vulnerable together in talking through the toughest of tough times — BUT also be equally as vulnerable in working through moments of empowering wins. —Cindy Gordon, Former CPO at Policygenius
  • I’ve loved meeting mentees through FirstRound Fast Track — several of them have become great friends and we keep in touch regularly. As a mentor, you’ll be surprised by how much you learn from your mentees! I’ve been able to learn alongside them as we navigated different startup cultures and challenges together and I’ve also gained new perspectives on how to become a more supportive people manager and effective leader. — Kristin Chen, Former Director of Product at SoundCloud

Apply here to be a mentor or a mentee! The application closes on July 31st.



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