Meet First Round’s Angel Track Cohorts — Fall 2018

Six months ago, Angel Track’s inaugural cohort convened in San Francisco. Together, they honed their craft as angel investors through 12 weeks of instructor-led sessions, peer-to-peer conversations, and fundraising discussions with early-stage founders. We knew we wanted to build on that success and expand the program, so in July we opened applications for new cohorts this fall in San Francisco and New York. In just a few weeks, we received nearly 700 applications, and now we’re thrilled to welcome the latest additions to the Angel Track community:

New York Fall 2018

San Francisco Fall 2018

Over the next three months, these groups will meet with seasoned investors and veteran angels of the New York and San Francisco tech ecosystems like Shana Fischer, Kevin Ryan, Joanne Wilson, Elad Gil, Jess Verrilli, Jana Messerschmidt, our very own Bill Trenchard and more. Together, they’ll develop their identities as investors, frameworks for thinking through investment opportunities, and approaches to meaningfully support the founders they back.

Community compounds, and it is a pleasure to see the Angel Track community grow. We can’t wait to see how they serve the remarkable founders building around them.

For Founders

Are you an early stage founder looking for funding and advice? During evening sessions on November 6th in San Francisco and November 14th in New York, we’ll be inviting small groups of early stage founders to pitch Angel Track teams.

For entrepreneurs, this is a rare opportunity to discuss your startup with an incredible group of expert operators — all of whom are enthusiastic to do more investing. If you are interested, tell us more about yourself here.

Looking Ahead

We’re thankful for the amazing investors who’ve decided to join us as speakers, excited to work closely with two new cohorts of emerging angels, and can’t wait to see how this program continues to grow over the next few years.

If you are interested in participating in the future, please tell us a bit about yourself here.



The first round for remarkable founders.

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