Introducing the First Round Open App

Today, we’re launching a new experiment: The First Round Open App.

Now any startup team looking for seed funding can apply directly through our website and have their application reviewed by a General Partner at First Round.

The Open App is our effort to tackle everything that’s wrong with the method of sourcing great opportunities. We’ve been in business for 10 years and reviewed 20,000 companies — yet, like the vast majority firms, we’ve neglected our inbox. We want to change that.

A referral from someone we trust is the clearest signal we can get about a company. But absent a strong endorsement, it’s hard to get a sense of founders from an email. When you see someone talk about their company in person, however, you get a much better idea of how they think, how they articulate the problem they’re solving, and how passionate they are about the idea. Our goal is to bring that experience online.

That’s why the Open App is a short video interview. As an entrepreneur, all you have to do is answer several questions on video, in real-time, about your company and team.

Videos submitted through the Open App (supported by HireVue), will be reviewed by First Round Partners on both coasts, who will make a decision and get in touch within 7 to 10 days of the deadline at the end of every month. The first deadline is coming up on May 31. (Update: we are no longer accepting submissions to the Open App.)

We’re excited to give this a try. It’s our firm belief that there are more remarkable tech companies being built today than ever before, and we want to offer new ways for them to connect with us.

At First Round, we’re committed to innovating as fast as a startup to serve our community better. Past experiments have included The First Round Review, and the many value-add services that have since been adopted by other firms. The Open App is our latest effort to do things differently.

Get Started Today with the First Round Open App

(Or share it with your friends who are founders)

Why work with First Round? We don’t just invest, we work with founders to navigate early decisions, build the strongest team, and connect to the right resources. So far, we’ve done this for over 300 companies — including Uber, Warby Parker, and Mint.

The first round for remarkable founders.

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