Apply to the Spring 2021 Angel Track Cohort — An Entirely New Experience and Curriculum

By: Brett Berson

Brian Rothenberg is part of the Angel Track community and a Partner at
Meka Asonye is First Round’s newest Partner.

Remote and rebuilt

2020 forced our hand in retooling the program in dramatic ways — rethinking the intimate, in-person gatherings to transition to our newly-remote world. While previous Angel Track sessions were run out of our offices in New York and San Francisco, this past year we expanded nationwide to include a wider array of emerging investors outside of existing centers of power in tech. Supporting the next generation of angel and venture investors is key to increasing representation and opening up more access to capital in communities of color — we’re eager to double down on this work and continue widening the doorway in 2021.

Cristina Cordova is Head of Product, Platform & Partnerships at Notion and part of the Angel Track community.

How to apply

Interested in applying for our spring 2021 Angel Track cohort? You can read more about the program here, or go straight to the application to tell us a bit more about yourself. Applications close on April 7th. (We’ll be accepting applications on a rolling basis before then.)

Meet our latest cohort

Ready to join these ranks? Introduce yourself here.

The first round for remarkable founders.

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