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5 min readMar 1, 2022


A recruiter shoulders a lot of responsibility for a growing startup. They’re sourcing hundreds of candidates, plucking out the right folks for critical roles all over the org chart. They team up with hiring managers to hone the job description and smooth out wrinkles in the interview process. They close the deal with a company’s dream hire — one that can transform a startup’s trajectory for years to come.

Given the potential to leave such a large footprint on a startup’s foundation, plenty of folks hope to start their career in (or make a pivot into) recruiting — especially in this red-hot talent market, with startups clamoring to bring recruiters aboard their startups. But despite the massive need across the ecosystem for more recruiters, it’s tricky to get your foot in the door with no experience. There are already courses out there, but most of them help existing recruiters sharpen their skills, instead of providing the hands-on Recruiting 101 newcomers need, such as the secrets of sourcing, conducting a phone screen, and negotiating an offer.

That’s why last year we launched Recruiter Track — a free, tailored course and community that teaches the foundations of recruiting to send folks down a career path in one of the best roles at a startup.

We assembled some of the best recruiting folks from our Rolodex at top startups like Clover Health, Persona, Pinwheel and Superhuman to teach hands-on sessions on the ins and outs of recruiting for a startup. We also baked in plenty of practice sessions that mimic what it’s like on the job — from scrolling through countless LinkedIn profiles for the perfect candidate, to partnering up with a tricky hiring manager.

It admittedly started as a bit of a fuzzy experiment, but we’ve been stoked to cheer on Recruiter Track alums as they’ve gone on to nab recruiting roles at companies like Sprig, Superhuman, Coda, Instrumental, Spruce, and even our own Talent team here at First Round.

With that in mind, we’re bringing Recruiter Track back for its second cohort, with a fresh set of learnings tucked under our belts.

If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, apply here by 3/20.

What you’ll get from the program:

  • The fundamentals of recruiting, from job description to offer letter, taught by the First Round talent team and experts in the industry
  • An inside look into how First Round-backed startups hire
  • Hands-on practice! We’ll work on finding candidates for real roles throughout the program to practice sourcing and outreach
  • Guidance for future interviews to be the first recruiter at an early-stage startup
  • A community of other folks who are also interested in recruiting in tech, with opportunities to network, trade ideas, and practice building up your new skills
  • The potential to work directly with First Round-backed companies on a project basis upon completion of the program
  • A fast-tracked application to any First Round company that’s hiring a recruiter

What’s the time commitment?

  • Virtual sessions will be held every Tuesday, from 3:30–5:30 pm PT between April 5 — April 26, 2022, with optional electives in between.
  • We expect each student to attend every session and actively participate, and sessions will not be recorded. At the end of each session, we might have some “homework” for you to complete. We believe that practice makes perfect, and we’re here to give you a ton of experience so that you’re ready to take on the role of recruiter!

Who should apply?

You might be a good fit for Recruiter Track if you:

  • Have 2+ years of general work experience
  • Are looking to make a career transition into recruiting at an early-stage startup
  • Love connecting people
  • Are a master-organizer
  • Triple-check your work
  • Take pride in your crisp and clear email communication
  • Can commit to each session and homework every week
  • Anyone in the U.S. is eligible to apply

Hear what folks from our inaugural cohort have to say about Recruiter Track:

“I learned more in four weeks than I ever could have learned anywhere else. The First Round team is amazing and did a great job prioritizing the topics that would be most beneficial for us. The Recruiter Track program gave me the confidence to believe I can pick up the tangible skills to be a recruiter while already having the soft skills to do the job.” -Ashleigh Renteria, Recruiting Coordinator at Sprig

“I’m thankful for the immense amount of time, wisdom, and knowledge that was generously shared throughout this Track. Every session was engaging and informative and left me inspired to do the work. I’ve completed this course even more committed to building diverse and inclusive teams and hiring processes that win, and I can’t wait to see what our cohort gets up to!” -Sarah Wry, Recruiter at Coda

“I can think of no better way for someone curious about tech recruiting to learn about the job and industry. The First Round talent team is top-notch and have built out Recruiter Track in a way that beautifully blends building community and skills.” Jin Schrattenecker, Customer Success Manager, Swing Education

“I have wanted to make the switch into recruiting for a long time but haven’t been able to make it happen on my own — enter Recruiter Track and the amazing First Round talent team. After the program, feel equipped with the knowledge, confidence, and support to make my tech recruiting dreams a reality!” -Bonnie Porter, Talent Analyst at First Round

“I found First Round’s Recruiter track to be a goldmine of information and networking opportunities. The structure of the program is so well thought out with a ton of insightful guest speakers. I found the pacing to be perfect—full of information, but not overwhelming as someone new to this field. I absolutely loved that we had the same pod of teammates that we got to know really well and grow together over the course of the program. I also really valued all of the extra 1:1 chats that were set up with other students and found these to be great learning and networking opportunities with other people in similar positions with a career switch. I can not sing the praises of First Round’s Recruiter Track enough, 11/10 program. 👏👏👏” -Jennifer Edwards, Recruiting Coordinator at Twelve

“The First Round talent team created eight engaging sessions that were packed with expert-level experience and knowledge. Recruiter Track has been an amazing opportunity to learn from individuals in the recruiting industry, hear from multiple companies, and create a community with other participants. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone thinking about recruiting as their next career.” -Heather Esford, Recruiting Coordinator at Instrumental




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