Angel Track is Expanding Nationally

By Ben Cmejla

Back in June, we welcomed 19 emerging angel investors to our 8th cohort of Angel Track. Over 9 weeks, they learn from top startup investors, build relationships, and level up as sources of advice and capital for founders. This cohort is joining a community that’s now 120 members strong, made up of some of the highest caliber operators and founders in tech who collectively have backed hundreds of founders, often co-investing with each other and with First Round.

Meet our Summer 2020 Cohort

We are already several sessions into this summer’s program and are blown away by the range of expertise, experiences, and interests the group brings to the community. Please meet our most recent cohort of angels!

Going remote and expanding nationally

After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that intimate in-person gatherings were a no-go, we retooled the program to transition to our newly-remote world, rethinking some of our sessions and introducing new ways for this cohort to stay connected. While this upended our plans, it also brought an unexpected benefit. Previous Angel Track sessions were in-person and run out of our office locations in New York and San Francisco, but in our first time running the program remotely this summer, we had the opportunity to begin bringing in members from around the country. Now that we’re confident our new remote approach is a successful format, we’re ready to keep building on it.

That’s why today we’re opening applications for our fall cohort and for the first time expanding access to anyone across the country. We’re excited for the potential this change will unlock, and for the chance to get to know and support more emerging angel investors outside of existing centers of power in tech.

This topic has been front and center these past several weeks, as conversations in the tech and venture ecosystem have underscored the fundraising challenges that Black and Latinx founders face. As Monique Woodard recently said: “The funding gap starts at day zero, because of a lack of friends and family capital. It also happens with access to networks and access to angel investors.”

Supporting the next generation of angel and venture investors is key to increasing access to capital in communities of color. From its inception, Angel Track has been committed to building a diverse coalition of angels. Across our community of over 100 members, 47% of participants are women and 21% are Black or Latinx. While there’s more work to be done, the benefits we’ve observed from building a diverse community of angels are obvious — members have more to learn from each other, founders have more flexibility around the representation and experience they bring to their cap tables, and First Round can continue to broaden our network by opening our door to the wider startup community.

How to Apply

Interested in applying for our fall 2020 Angel Track cohort? You can read more about the program here, or go straight to the application to tell us a bit more about yourself. Applications close on August 28th. (We’ll be accepting applications on a rolling basis before then.)




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